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Noah's ARK is an informal collection of researchers within the Natural Language Processing group at the University of Washington and formerly at Carnegie Mellon University's Language Technologies Institute.

Noah Smith, professor of Computer Science & Engineering, heads the ARK.

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Available for download: numerous software tools and datasets for and papers about natural language processing.

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ARK researchers and alumni are leaders in natural language processing, machine learning, and computational social science.

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Tal August, UW Ph.D. student

Elizabeth Clark, UW Ph.D. student

Sarah Dreier, UW Data Science postdoc

Suchin Gururangan, UW Ph.D. student

Nikita Haduong, UW Ph.D. student

Jungo Kasai, UW Ph.D. student

Phillip Keung, UW Ph.D. student

Lucy Lin, UW Ph.D. student

Alisa Liu, UW Ph.D. student

Kelvin Luu, UW Ph.D. student

Ana Marasović, AI2/UW postdoc

Phoebe Mulcaire, UW Ph.D. student

Nikos Pappas, UW postdoc

Hao Peng, UW Ph.D. student

Ofir Press, UW Ph.D. student

Maarten Sap, UW Ph.D student

Sofia Serrano, UW Ph.D. student

Yizhong Wang, UW Ph.D. student

Noah Smith, UW professor


Ph.D. Alumni

Jesse Dodge, Ph.D. 2020, CMU (Towards Efficient and Reproducible Natural Language Processing). He is a research staff member at the University of Washington.

Dallas Card, Ph.D. 2019, CMU (Accelerating Text-as-Data Research in Computational Social Science). He is a postdoctoral researcher at Stanford University.

Jeffrey Flanigan, Ph.D. 2018, CMU (Parsing and Generation for the Abstract Meaning Representation). He is an assistant professor at the University of California Santa Cruz.

Yanchuan Sim, Ph.D. 2016, CMU (Text as Strategic Choice). He is a researcher at A*STAR.

Waleed Ammar, Ph.D. 2016, CMU (Towards a Universal Analyzer of Natural Languages). He is a research scientist at Google.

David Bamman, Ph.D. 2015, CMU (People-Centric Natural Language Processing). He is an assistant professor at the University of California Berkeley.

Dani Yogatama, Ph.D. 2015, CMU (Sparse Models of Natural Language Text). He is a research scientist at DeepMind.

Brendan O'Connor, Ph.D. 2014, CMU (Statistical Text Analysis for Social Science). He is an assistant professor at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Nathan Schneider, Ph.D. 2014, CMU (Lexical Semantic Analysis in Natural Language Text). He is an assistant professor at Georgetown University.

Shay Cohen, Ph.D. 2011, CMU (Computational Learning of Probabilistic Grammars in the Unsupervised Setting). He is a reader (associate professor equivalent) at the University of Edinburgh.


Post-doctoral Alumni


Masters Alumni


Other ARK Associates